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NUU Bluetooth Speakers

Waterproof. Dustproof. Durable. Portable.


Riptide waterproof speaker

Clip it and rip it — the super-portable Riptide speaker blasts big sound wherever you roam.

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Dive into the deep end (musically speaking) with the sleek, powerful Splash Extreme.

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NUU Wake waterproof bluetooth speaker

Big, brawny, and loud…the Wake is strictly for serious music lovers/adventure junkies.

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Music and water were made for each other.

In the boat, on the beach, by the pool – there’s no better place to have your music with you.

Water and electronics, on the other hand, don’t get along as swimmingly. One raindrop, one bump over the side of the boat, one overzealous cannonball and your perfect day has lost its musical accompaniment.

You still bring your music with you, but you just can’t enjoy it. You’re too busy worrying. You say crazy things like “Don’t splash kids!” and “Stop being a dog, dog!” because you know it’s just a matter of time. You know that the world is two-thirds water and every mischievous drop of it is just waiting for an opportunity. We think life should be more spontaneous. More, well, fluid. So we made NUU, portable outdoor speakers that are completely submersible. They’re tough, too; they resist sand, dust, adventure…life. NUU speakers untether you from worry and let you take your music anywhere you like. Now you’re entertaining friends with music where and when they least expect it. The NUU series of speakers don’t just have great sound for portable durable speakers – they have great sound period. That makes their price the biggest surprise of all.

So let it rain, let wet dogs do their thing, let the world keep throwing surprises at you, because now you can set every bit of it to music.