About Us

We’re NUU and we’re nuts about the outdoors.

We’re surfers and skiers. We’re trail hikers and mountain bikers. We’re beach bums, jungle junkies, and desert nomads. Some of us like ice fishing. Others like canoeing.

We’ve all got one thing in common, though — we love music.

A lot.

Like, really a lot.

We’re kind of obsessed with music, to be honest.


Because music makes everything better. Campfires are cozier. Sunsets are more spectacular. Falling out of your kayak…well, that still sucks. But it’s funnier with a soundtrack.

And let’s face it — when you live life on the edge, you’re bound to take a few tumbles. Nature is unpredictable, and that’s why we love it.

But it’s easy to forget that when you’re staring into the depths of a murky lake, wondering where your expensive new speaker went. Or when you forget to zip your pack shut before riding down that rocky trail.

Bounce, bounce, broken.

We get it. We’ve been there. We feel your pain.

That’s why we decided to build a better speaker.

A waterproof, mudproof, fallproof speaker. A speaker that’s rugged and dependable and loud, like a truck, yet still compact and portable. Like a much, much smaller truck.

So if you’re also an outdoors-lovin’ audiophile, give our speakers a try. Make memories with music as you explore this vast, beautiful world. Be ready with the perfect song when the moment comes.

And try not to tip your kayak.